Sign Blocks – Long Lasting Pavement Symbols Symbols & Messages That Don't Easily Wear Away

OmniGrip Direct supplies sign-blocks, which are coloured resin paving inscribed with symbols and messages.  Sign blocks replace standard pavement marking messages and symbols that often quickly wear away in high traffic environments, decreasing safety, increasing costs and affecting perceptions of your brand.

How it works

Sign blocks are coloured resin-blocks with hard-wearing symbols and messages. Using coloured resin within the blocks ensures they are more durable than thin painted messages or adhesive stickers. This eliminates the ongoing maintenance cost and disruption from having to repaint pavement markings that quickly wear away or have their colour fade with UV exposure.

With the symbol and colour moulded into their face, our sign blocks are amazingly resistant to wear and tear and of course, retain their colour.

Sign Blocks use coloured moulded resin, making them very resistant to wear and tear

Sign blocks are laid into existing brick or block paving, or cut into existing asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Sign Blocks set in block paving

Sign Blocks set in concrete path

They can be used at the following locations:

  • footpaths, including shared user paths
  • train and tram platforms
  • bus stops
  • parking bays
  • local roads and laneways
  • workplaces such as industrial sites.

There are a wide range of applications including:

  • ‘Stand Behind The Yellow Line’ and ‘Mind The Gap’ for public transport
  • ‘No Smoking’ outside office doors or within industrial sites
  • Stop Lines across lanes and roads
  • Wheelchair symbols within car park bays
  • EV Charging symbols or branding for EV Charging Bays (with OmniGrip CST coloured surface treatment for the parking bay)
  • Warehouse safety and hazard lines that won’t wear away. 


When painted pavement symbols and messages wear away, the vital safety message is lost. Worn messages look poor for your customers, affecting your brand image and reputation.

Faded Painted Stand Behind This Line at Tram Stop

Using Sign Blocks ensures the message won’t be quickly worn away.

OmniGrip Direct Sign Block saying Stand Behind This Line on train platform edge

Sign Blocks are cleaned with a power wash; no harsh chemicals or disruptive re-applications are needed should the message be covered with grime.


  • pavement marking
  • unique symbols
  • warning symbols
  • hazard symbols
  • where replacing linemarking has restricted access

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