Solar Safety Light for Public Transport Stops Safer Stops for Bus and Tram Passengers

The Vivacity Solar Safety Light for bus stops and tram stops provides lighting that enhances the appearance and comfort of the stop for passengers. The solar light is a self-contained unit.

Designed to be quickly fitted to existing bus stop poles and tram stop poles, the light-weight solar safety light has a motion sensor and timer that are programmed to adjust light levels to assist passengers and to reduce spillover lighting into neighbouring buildings and properties when transport services have stopped running. The Vivacity Solar Safety Light can be combined with light-coloured recycled-glass OmniGrip ReSurface to increase reflected light levels (luminance). The Vivacity Solar Safety Light and OmniGrip ReSurface will improve community perceptions of bus stops and tram stops.

improving perceptions of safety

Perceptions of safety and comfort are important factors in whether people use public transport, and when they use it. Reality for many commuters is that they commence their early morning commute in darkness in winter months, and return home in darkness in the evening. Shift workers and students could be commuting any time of the day or night. That’s why people’s perception of night-time safety at bus stops and tram stops is so important.


Girl at bus stop at night

Young woman waiting in dark for bus beside road

Until now, lighting at bus stops and tram stops has been expensive. It required either a shelter with solar panels on the roof, or a free-standing electric light connected to a power source or a large solar panel and battery set.  If a pole wasn’t available then a new pole would be required, with engineered footings to support the large light, solar panel and battery.  Planning, design and approvals take months. If the new pole’s diameter exceeds 100 mm then it becomes a roadside hazard and required crash protection.

The problem is repeated at every stop along a route – it’s expensive and time consuming to solve using mains and old-style solar lighting technology. 

Vivacity PLUG ‘N’ PLAY Solar Safety Light

The Vivacity Solar Safety Light is designed to be retrofitted to existing bus stop sign poles and tram stop sign poles up to 78 mm in diameter.  The light is plug ‘n’ play – able to be fitted in minutes to existing poles.  Whole routes can have their stops lit within a few days by fitting the light to existing bus stop poles and tram stop poles.

Vivacity Solar Light next to Yarra Trams Light Rail Line

  • Quickly installed by unqualified labour – electrician not required
  • No new poles required
  • No expensive concrete footings
  • No expensive traffic management with lane closures.

Different modes of operation are available, include motion activated and step-down timer operation – this is specified at the time of purchase. The options reduce light spillage into neighbouring buildings, particularly after public transport services have stopped for the night.


Custom light levels, colour temperatures and sensor timings can be factory set, enabling public transport agencies and Councils to set the desired brightness, warmth of the light and how long each level of lighting is provided for. Drawing upon its replaceable battery, the light can remain illuminated all night, only increasing its brightness when motion at the stop is detected. Minimum order quantities apply.


Vivacity LED Edgelit Timetable

Vivacity LED Edgelit Timetable

Battery backlit timetables are available for use on bus stops and tram stops with or without the Solar Safety Light.  Fitting to transit authority timetable holders using Vivacity LED Edge Lighting, the backlit timetable enables route timetables, information bulletins and advertising to be read by passengers at night. Older and visibility impaired passengers will benefit.

To increase luminance, a lighter coloured slip-resistance recycled-glass OmniGrip ReSurface surface can be applied to the stop and its surrounds. This gives the stop a fresh new appearance, reflects light, increases slip-resistance and can assist with minor levelling for DDA compliance. The risk of slips, trips and falls is reduced.

Other Applications

The Vivacity Solar Safety Light is well suited to provide lighting along paths through parks and gardens, in car parks and around commercial and industrial facilities.  Councils can use it to improve lighting on routes leading to bus stops and tram stops – a major safety issue at night.  Businesses can use the light for safety and security for employees moving within a site or to and from a car park.


The standard Solar Safety Light provides illuminance of 18 lux. Customisation is available. The level of lighting is in response to research that found that lower levels of lighting and warmer coloured light increase women’s perception of safety in public spaces. It reduces the contrast between lit and unlit areas, enabling people’s vision to adapt more quickly. OmniGrip Direct can also provide coloured OmniGrip ReSurface surfaces that reflect light, increasing luminance.

People can feel vulnerable when walking to and from bus stops and tram stops, through open spaces and parks, as well as when they are waiting. Some stops are located in isolated areas, adjacent to parks or industrial sites or facilities that are closed at night. For the night-time commuter, there may be very little street activity that provides passive surveillance and security for people waiting to use public transport.

Research has also found that when people feel unsafe at a bus stop, their estimate of time is up to three times longer. One study reported that “For a woman waiting at a simple ‘pole-in-the-ground’ curbside stop with perceived insecure surroundings, a 10 minute wait seems to take nearly half an hour” (Fan, Guthrie and Levinson, 2015). Another found “females were more concerned about bus stop lighting, security cameras, driver courtesy and low floor buses” (People for Public Spaces and Multisystems Inc, 1999). A Canberra Study audited bus stops and identified that “Improved lighting, reduced isolation, and eliminating possible areas of entrapment would all contribute to women feeling safer at bus stops and on their journey to and from the bus stop” (Courtney-Bailey, et al, 2019).

Using the Vivacity Solar Safety Light to cost-effectively light bus stops, tram stops and walking paths along a bus route or tram route is one quick way that public transport agencies and Councils can take action to help passengers, and potential passengers, feel safer when using public transport. It will contribute to actual and perceived safety of public transport, the overall customer experience and farebox revenue for public transport operators.


Fan, Yingling, Ph.D.; Guthrie, Andrew, MURP; Levinson, David, Ph.D (2015), ‘Perception of Waiting Time at Transit Stops and Stations’, Accessed 9 June 2020. 

Project for Public Spaces and Multisystems Inc. (1999) in ‘Best Practice Approaches to Public Transport Amenity/Soft Factor Valuation, Research Literature Review [Revised Draft]’, Dr Chris De Gruyter, Professor Graham Currie, Dr Farhana Naznin, Public Transport Research Group, Monash Institute of Transport Studies, 13 December 2017

Courtney-Bailey, Pip; Hutchinson, Amber; Tran, Julia; Wiens, Sandra (November 2019), ‘Making ACT bus stops work for women’,, accessed 10 June 2020


  • Bus Stop Lighting
  • Tram Stop Lighting
  • Night Rider Stop Lighting
  • Community Bus Stops
  • Path Lighting
  • Subway Entrance Lighting
  • Underpass Entrance & Exit Lighting

Other Applications

  • Park Lighting
  • Car Park Lighting
  • Industrial and Commercial Site Lighting
  • Caravan Parks
  • Camping Grounds
  • University Campuses
  • Nature Parks
Vivacity Solar Light lighting Tram Stop Sign

Vivacity Solar Light enables Tram Stop signs to be read at night, and tram drivers to see passengers

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