Pavement Markers and Bollards Safely guiding drivers and riders

Internally illuminated pavement markers are pavement markers with LED lights to maximise their visibility in poor light and low visibility conditions such as rain, fog and mist. Also known as ‘stud lights’ and ‘LED cats eyes’,  OmniGrip Direct supplies and installs Vivacity mains-powered (wired),  battery-powered and solar-battery stud lights in a range of colours. 

OmniGrip Direct also supplies LED bollards for snow conditions and locations prone to fog, and LED bollard caps to retrofit to existing bollards to improve the visibility of bollards located within paths, lanes, car parks and driveways.  

How THEY work

Vivacity LED Stud Lights and Bollard Lights

Vivacity Stud Lights are internally illuminated LED pavement markers that are powered by mains power, a battery or solar panels with rechargeable battery.  To install the light, a hole is drilled into the base material and the stud light epoxied into the hole.

Mains powered connected stud lights are a wired solution in which each stud light is connected by a cable set into the pavement. A control box enables the following settings:

  • white, red, green or blue light
  • steady-on or flashing
  • flash rate.

The mains powered stud lights can be connected to traffic lights, detector loops or cameras enabling the lights to respond to the presence of people, vehicles or bicycle riders. Drivers are alerted to the presence of bicycle riders or pedestrians by bright flashing lights, reminding them to look and give way to vunerable road users.

Mains powered lights are brighter than battery and solar lights, particularly during the day. 

Vivacity Battery Stud Lights in Melbourne's Wyndham City Council

Vivacity Battery Stud Lights in Melbourne’s Wyndham City Council

Battery-powered stud lights don’t require connection to a mains source of electricity.  Each has an expected life of 3 to 10 years depending on:

  • each model’s battery size and life
  • whether it is a steady, always-on, light or flashing light
  • the flash rate.

Battery-powered stud lights can be used in tunnels, underground car parks, underpasses, multi-storey car parks and heavily shaded lengths of road where there is no sun-light, or insufficient sun-light, to use solar-battery LED stud lights. They are used in public parks where light is required for wayfinding, but light spillage is reduced so that wildlife in the park and nearby residents are not disturbed. 

Solar powered LED stud lights have a small solar-panel set into the top face of the light. The panel is protected by a heavy-duty transparent face, which is designed to reduce the incidence of water and dust pooling over the panel and reducing its efficiency.

Solar-battery powered stud lights have an expected life of 5 to 10 years depending on:

  • the model’s battery size and life
  • solar panel life
  • whether the light is on all-day or only at night
  • whether it is a steady, always-on, light or flashing light
  • the flash rate.

The battery stores enough energy for the stud light to be powered for several nights without a recharge during the day. 


OmniGrip Direct supplies and installs Vivacity Stud Lights, Bollards and Bollard Caps. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Environmental Lighting

Local governments are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of lighting on native fauna, including insects, birds and mammals, as well as reducing emissions and eWaste. There is evidence that excessive and unnecessary light pollution is affecting animal species that are usually active at night.

Vivacity Stud Lights provide a way for Councils to balance the needs of public safety with reduced environmental impacts. Stud Lights are faster and easier to install than standard street and path lights, and don’t have the light spill to affect the surrounding environment and nearby residents.  

Another option is to use Safety Path linemarking, to ‘recycle daylight’. Safety Path linemarking absorbs energy from daylight and emits that stored light into the evening, guiding pedestrians and riders home after dark.


  • Road centrelines
  • Road edgelines
  • Road barrier lines
  • Road medians
  • Road tunnels
  • Underground and multi-storey car parks
  • Pedestrian tunnels / underpasses
  • Railway underpasses
  • Road pedestrian crossings (across and along road)
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Bicycle paths
  • Bikeway tunnels
  • Shared paths
  • Decks and boardwalks
  • Elevated walkways
  • Steps
  • Road pavements, concrete, wooden decks
  • Parks and reserves


Vivacity Flash Point Stud Light - LED internally illuminated pavement marker - LED in-ground light by SmarterLite

Vivacity Solar Powered Flash Point Stud Light for Day and Night

Vivacity LED Stud lights, Pavement Markers and Bollards

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