OmniGrip Rubber Coat Softer surfacing made from recycled tyres

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OmniGrip Rubber Coat is a recycled rubber surfacing system that provides a coloured rubberised finish to footpaths, bike paths and pedestrian areas. It can be used for building entrances, courtyards, aquatic centres, gymnasiums and foyers.  You can reduce Australia’s tyre stockpiles by specifying OmniGrip Rubber Coat.

How it works

OmniGrip Rubber Coat is made from Australian sourced vehicle tyres.  It can be coloured to achieve subtle or bold architectural finishes.

  • Blacks and greys, green, blue, red, maroon, olive, and patterns combining these colours
  • Indoor and outdoor floors
  • Applied to concrete, asphalt, bitumen, brick, pavers, metal and most building surfaces
  • Softer on bare feet

Every three square metres of OmniGrip Rubber Coat takes one more tyre from Australia’s national stockpile of used-tyres. 

OmniGrip Rubber Coat is spray applied. It has a slip resistance classification of P5 when tested in accordance with AS 4586:2013, meaning that there’s a low chance that it could contribute to the risk of slipping when it is wet.  It is suitable for use on steeper ramps as well as wet areas like loading docks and around swimming pools.


  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Public Squares
  • Walkways
  • Bike Paths
  • Foyers and Entrances
  • Courtyards
  • Play Areas, where people are barefoot
  • Public Pool surrounds
  • Loading Docks
  • Ramps and Paths
  • Bicycle Paths

OmniGRIP RUBBER COAT in action

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