OmniGrip PL Photoluminescent Linemarking and Pavement Marking Lighting The Way

OMNIGRIP PL is photoluminescent paint used on roads, paths, car parks and industrial sites, both indoors and outdoors.  When light conditions are poor, photoluminescent lines can clearly be seen to guide people to safety. 


How it works

OmniGrip PL is a range of photoluminescent paints suitable for application to bitumen, asphalt and concrete. OmniGrip PL absorbs and stores light from artificial lighting and/or daylight. When light levels fall, the OmniGrip PL linemarking or pavement marking emits that stored light creating a highly visible line or marking.

When used on roads and roadsides and in car parks, the headlights of every passing vehicle re-energises the OmniGrip PL, extending the longevity of the bright line.

OmniGrip PL paints are manufactured by photoluminescent experts at Safety Path. OmniGrip Direct is an authorised supplier and installer of Safety Path photoluminescent paints.


industrial/commercial buildings and siteS

When the power or lighting fail within industrial or commercial buildings and sites, workers may be trapped within complete darkness. When OmniGrip PL is used as a guideline or to mark the extent of safe walkways, trapped workers can still find their way to safety. Combined with Safety Path Photoluminescent Stair Treads, Handrails, Warning Signs and Exit Signs, even in a blackout your employees will be safe. Speak to your Occupational Health & Safety representatives and facility manager about how and where OmniGrip PL paint can reduce the risk of injury if the lighting fails.


Indoor and outdoor car parks may be poorly lit and your employees and customers may not feel safe. By using OmniGrip PL for linemarking, pavement marking and pedestrian crossings, drivers and pedestrian can still safely find their way. OmniGrip PL can be complemented by our range of Safety Path Photoluminescent Warning Signs that remain visible in darkness. This reduces the risk of pedestrians being hit by vehicles, and enables drivers to clearly see car parking bays, car park aisles, pavement arrows and pedestrian crossings.  Using photoluminescent lines and pavement marking is substantially cheaper to install and operate than lighting.


OmniGrip PL linemarking and pavement marking on roads makes vital lines and markings more visible in poor light conditions and darkness. OmniGrip PL is suitable for sites where there is a history of night-time crashes, or a high-risk of night-time crashes, that could be reduced by improved delineation. In addition to road surfaces, it can also be applied to the kerbs of raised concrete islands, and on concrete crash barriers. Our range of Safety Path Photoluminescent Warning Signs complement the OmniGrip PL to increase the visibility of vital warning messages.

OmniGrip PL is significantly cheaper to install and operate than standard road lighting and along with Safety Path Photoluminescent Warning Signs, they should be the first step to addressing night-time delineation issues on public and private roads. 



  • Linemarking
  • Pavement marking (arrows, messages, etc)
  • Pedestrian crossings / crosswalks
  • Kerbs of raised concrete islands
  • Crash barriers
  • Walkways
  • Unlit Walking Paths
  • Unlit Bicycle Paths
  • Walls
  • Interactive Public Art
  • Passive Lighting
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Multi-storey Car Parks
  • Indoor car parks
  • Outdoor car parks






Omnigrip PL PAINT in action

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