OmniGrip Hybrid HF Post-consumer recycled-glass high friction surface treatment (HFST) to reduce skidding and decrease braking distances

OMNIGRIP HYBRID HF, is a new blended high-friction surface treatment (HFST) that is applied to asphalt and concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction, and decrease braking distances, skidding and sliding. Using post-consumer Australian recycled-glass blended with high friction aggregates at high-risk locations, this new surface uses post-consumer recycled-glass to:

  • reduces risk,
  • reduce crashes & property damage,
  • reduce injuries, road trauma and stress on victims, their families & friends,
  • use post-consumer recycled-glass from households to replace natural aggregates.

Using post-consumer recycled-glass enables local governments to help resolve Australia’s waste crisis, achieve their ESG targets and improve safety and reduce trauma within their community.


High-Friction Surface Treatments are internationally proven road safety solutions that reduce risk and crashes. OmniGrip Hybrid HF is a revolutionary change in their composition; blending Australian post-consumer recycled-glass with aggregate. 

The new surface blend was developed by OmniGrip Direct with testing and scientific input from the Australian Road Research Board, Australia’s National Transport Research Organisation. Development was co-funded by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Victoria and supported by the Victorian Government’s ecologiQ.

How it works

Following extensive testing by the Australian Road Research Board, a blend of post-consumer recycled-glass and aggregate was determined that provides skid resistance and texture above the minimum required for high friction surface treatments in Victoria. The new surface continues to use our proven resin binder, used in OmniGrip HF and OmniGrip CST, to hold the new blended aggregate to the bitumen, concrete or steel surface. 

Vehicle tyres adhere to the texture of the blended aggregate, providing better grip on bends and curves or when braking hard, enabling the driver or rider to maintain control.  The vehicle is more likely to stay within its lane, reducing the risk of losing control and leaving the road to hit a barrier, roadside object or another vehicle.

Used at intersections, vehicles stop more quickly, reducing the likelihood of a crash and reducing impact speeds should one occur.


OmniGrip Hybrid HF has been developed to exceed the performance requirements of the most-stringent Australian road agency specifications, such Queensland’s MRTS111 and Victoria’s Department of Transport’s Specification 430. Development of OmniGrip Hybrid HF was undertaken in the Australian Road Research Board’s laboratory to ensure that it met performance requirements during accelerated age testing.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available from EPD Australasia.

Creating safer road surfaces with OmniGrip Hybrid HF will contribute to your road safety strategy, delivering an immediate reduction in risk and the likelihood of trauma, and contribute to your corporate emission reduction and climate-change targets by creating a market for and incentive to reduce post-consumer glass in landfill.

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Our Product EPD is available from EPD Australasia.

Road Safety Benefits

  • Increased Surface Texture
  • Reduction Vehicle Braking Distances
  • Reduced Threshold Braking Speeds
  • Crash Reduction Factor (CRF) > 40%


  • Approaches to School & Pedestrian Crossings
  • Intersections & Roundabouts
  • Tight Radius Corners and Slip Lanes
  • Steep Inclines / Declines
  • Freeway Ramps
  • Winding Country Highways and Roads
  • Sharp Bends and Corners in Urban Areas
  • Black Spot Locations
  • Black Lengths
  • Australian Government Black Spot Program
  • Hoon Bars to deter hoon driving


Applications of Hybrid HFST can meet eligibility criteria for State and Federal Grants. The Australian Government Black Spot Programme, State and Territory Local Government grants, road safety grants and recycling and waste reduction grants could all be used to fund OmniGrip Hybrid HFST applications.


The following guides are available to help road managers considering how HFST can reduce crashes, reduce injuries and save lives.

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