OmniGrip HF High friction surface treatment (HFST) to decrease braking distances

OMNIGRIP HF, a high friction surface treatment (HFST), is a thin overlay applied to asphalt and / or concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction, decreasing braking distances and threshold impact speeds in emergency situations. OmniGrip HF reduces skidding and sliding, assisting drivers and motorcycle riders to retain control on urban and rural roads. It is an essential component of any strategy to eliminate Black Spots from a road network.

Crash Reduction Benefits

A High Friction Surface Treatment like OmniGrip HF is an internationally proven road safety solution. OmniGrip HF is a ‘silent saver’ – drivers and riders won’t know it’s there until they need it. 

“Used appropriately, they can help stop vehicles from skidding on or off roads, and increase a vehicle’s ability to brake more effectively at critical times”

The Australian Road Research Board says “Used appropriately, they (HFST) can help stop vehicles from skidding on or off roads, and increase a vehicle’s ability to brake more effectively at critical times” and that “…known accident blackspots, approaches to intersections and pedestrian crossings, and tricky-to-negotiate corners can all benefit from proper use of High Friction Surface Treatments” (ARRB, 30 August 2018).

In Australia, Crash Reduction Factors for calcined bauxite surfaces like OmniGrip HF ranges from 40% for all casualty crashes, to 50% for wet weather crashes.  However, specific Australian and international studies achieved much higher reductions when HFST was used to address specific crash issues, in some cases obtaining up to a 100% reduction in crashes.

When braking suddenly, a vehicle’s stopping distance is reduced enabling the driver to either avoid the collision or crash at a reduced speed. Better tyre friction on a bend or curve enables a driver or rider to maintain control, enabling them to stay within their lane instead of losing control and leave the road or hitting another vehicle.

OmniGrip HF is a vital component of a road manager’s Safe System road safety strategy that aims to eliminate injury on roads.

How it works

Comprised of a thermosetting cross-linking modified compound, the OmniGrip HF system is engineered to hold a high PSV aggregate, such as calcined bauxite, permanently in position so that it doesn’t become embedded or displaced under the heaviest of braking. This ensures consistently high skid resistance and reduced braking distances over the design life of the system.

Upon curing the OmniGrip HF system is resistant to road contaminates including oil, petrol and de-icing salts with excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

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Road Safety Benefits

  • Whole of Life Skid Resistance
  • Sideways Co-efficient of Friction Levels > 0.85
  • Increased Surface Texture
  • Reduction Vehicle Braking Distances
  • Reduced Threshold Braking Speeds
  • Crash Reduction Factor (CRF) > 40%
  • Proven 10 years plus design life


  • Approaches to School & Pedestrian Crossings
  • Intersections & Roundabouts
  • Tight Radius Corners and Slip Lanes
  • Steep Inclines / Declines
  • Freeway Ramps
  • Winding Country Highways and Roads
  • Sharp Bends and Corners in Urban Areas
  • Black Spot Locations
  • Black Lengths
  • Australian Government Black Spot Program


Applications of HFST can meet eligibility criteria for State and Federal Grants. This includes the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Local Government stimulus grant scheme, the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.


The following guides are available to help road managers considering how HFST can reduce crashes, reduce injuries and save lives.

Guide to High Friction Surface Treatment cover

Download the OmniGrip Direct Guide to High Friction Surface Treatment

Omnigrip HF in action

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