OmniGrip CST Durable, skid resistant coloured surfacing system

OMNIGRIP CST is a durable, skid resistant coloured safety surfacing system comprised of thermosetting cross linking resin compound incorporating specialist coloured recycled glass aggregates formulated for application to roads, highways and bridge surfaces.

OmniGrip CST is widely used for green bicycle lanes, red bus lanes and yellow pedestrian crossings, where vulnerable road users benefit from the durability of its colour and skid-resistance.

In buildings and landscaping, OmniGrip CST is a durable and slip resistant coloured surfacing that can be applied to lanes, paths, courtyards, plazas and open spaces.

How it works

Installed using the unique Synthite recycled glass aggregate the OMNIGRIP CST surfacing system is comprised of 75% recycled content.  This combined with the fact the resin binding system contains no solvent and minimal Volatile Organic Content (VOC) re enforcing our commitment to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

OMNIGRIP CST is specifically designed to provide a unique depth and performance balancing continued colour retention and skid resistance for the design life of the product, ensuring visibly safer colour delineation whilst maintaining high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions.



OmniGrip CST is a proven surface treatment for bicycle lanes, particularly through conflict zones where the paths of motor vehicles cross bicycle lanes. OmniGrip CST’s texture and colour are typically more durable than that of paint-based products, with an expected life of 5-8 years (depending on traffic). OmniGrip CST exceeds the performance requirements of VicRoads Specification 431.

OmniGrip CST is Cycling Victoria‘s preferred surface treatment for bicycle lanes. Craig Eastwood, General Manager – Cycling Victoria, said;

“Cycling Victoria endorses the use of OmniGrip’s green coloured epoxy resin surface treatment for bicycle lanes in Victoria, and opposes the continued use of green paint as a satisfactory surface treatment.”


OmniGrip CST can be used to replace white and coloured pavement markings, including rumble bars, perceptual linemarking and lane arrows. With higher skid-resistance from its durable texture, it should be considered on popular motorcycling routes where riders are vulnerable to a loss of friction between the tyre and road surface. It can be used in conjunction with OmniGrip HF, our High Friction Surface Treatment. 

In Motorcycle Writer, Dr Tana Tan of Safe System Solutions said;

“it should be considered for use on popular motorcycle routes where a loss of friction between the motorcycle tyre and road surface or painted areas/lines can result in a crash.”


  • Bus & Cycle Lanes
  • Transit and Taxi Lanes
  • Courtyards and Plazas
  • Threshold Treatments
  • Local Area Traffic Management
  • School and Pedestrian Crossings
  • Taxi & Bus Parking Delineation
  • Rumble Bars
  • Speed Table Tops
  • School Playgrounds
  • Placemaking



Omnigrip CST in action

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