Solving Crash Black Spots Keeping vehicles on the road and in their lanes when it matters most

Crash Black Spots are locations where crashes repeatedly occur. They can be spot locations like intersections, or lengths of road. The crashes can be from driver or rider error or a road design issue. Quick and effective solutions can immediately reduce trauma and save lives in a crash Black Spot.

The Australian Government defines a crash Black Spot as:

  • at least three casualty crashes over a five-year period
  • an average of 0.2 casualty crashes per kilometre per annum over the length in question over five years.

OmniGrip Direct provides a range of proven and innovative safety treatments that address common causes of crashes in Black Spots and other high-risk locations.

Keeping drivers and riders in their lane

The first step to reducing crashes is to keep drivers and riders in their lane. Whether on a straight road or in a bend, keeping a vehicle in its lane reduces common crash types such as run-off-road, loss-of-control, side-swipe and head-on crashes. It’s often just chance whether a driver or rider that loses control hits another vehicle or runs off the road into a barrier or the road side.

Collisions with barriers can still be severe, resulting in injuries to drivers and riders. 

Black Spot Treatments

OmniGrip Direct provides smarter road safety treatments that can prevent or reduce the likelihood of a driver or rider losing control.  Our road safety treatments include:

  • higher visibility road signs
  • higher visibility road lines
  • LED pavements markers / LED stud lights
  • OmniGrip HF high friction surface treatment (HFST)
  • skid-resistant coloured pavement markings and rumble strips
  • solar motion activated lighting for pedestrians, and roadside bus stops and tram stops.

Application of OmniGrip HF for increased tyre friction, and OmniGrip CST for skid-resistant pavement markings, are ways that safety can be improved along popular motorcycling routes.

Do you have a crash Black Spot on your network?

Crash data is available from State Government crash databases, usually via spatial data that can be downloaded to Geographic Information System (GIS) software.  Most Councils will be able to use GIS to analyse the data to determine their Black Spot locations, or they may be sent information about Black Spots on their network by their State Government or Territory road agency.

The Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP), developed by the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) is used in some States and Councils to assess risk on road networks. It assesses the features of a road and based upon research, the likelihood and severity of crashes.  AusRAP then recommends a Safer Road Investment Plan – a range of treatments that could reduce the crash risk. 

AusRAP often identifies skid-resistance as a key preventative crash measure on Australia’s major highway network. For example, in 2014 it was a key road safety issue when Victoria’s RACV analysed that State’s major highway network using the AusRAP methodology;

“Simple measures such as safety barriers along the roadside and in the median to prevent run-off-road and head-on crashes, improved skid resistance of road surfaces and rumble strips on highway shoulders and centrelines to reduce run-off-road crashes can save lives and reduce injuries from crashes on our roads.” (RACV, 2014)

Professional engineering advice should be obtained to identify the root cause of crashes at the location. Crash Investigators and Road Safety Auditors have specialist skills and training in assessing locations and recommending a range of actions that may reduce crashes. 

OmniGrip Direct can provide the names of qualified Road Safety Auditors to assist you with assessing crash locations.


High friction surface treatment (HFST)

Keep drivers and riders on the road and in their lane.

  • Whole of Life Skid Resistance in wet and dry conditions (>70)
  • Increased Surface Texture
  • Polished Stone Value >70
  • Reduced Vehicle Braking Distances
  • Reduced Impact Speeds
  • Crash Reduction Factor (CRF): 40-100%
  • Effective on motorcycle routes
  • Applied within hours
  • More effective than temporary fixes to restore surface texture, such as water-blasting to remove excess binder

More information about HFST.

higher visibility signs

Combined reflective and photoluminescent signs that are more visible than standard signs.

  • Emit stored light in low-light and night-time conditions
  • Visible even when not directly lit by headlights
  • Recharged from daylight and headlights
  • Use on bends, crests, high-risk locations
  • Make your warning signs stand-out

OmniGrip Direct uses Safety Path‘s higher visibility signs for roads, using Australian-designed and developed technology for the highly regulated building exit sign industry.

higher visibility lines

Combined reflective and photoluminescent line marking and pavement marking that is more visible than standard line marking.

  • Guide drivers and riders through high-risk locations like curves, crests and intersections
  • Emit stored light in low-light and night-time conditions
  • Visible even when not directly lit by headlights
  • Recharged from daylight and headlights.

OmniGrip Direct uses Safety Path‘s higher visibility paints and coatings, designed and developed in Australia. Find out more about Safety Path PL lines.

LED STUD Lights & Pavement Markers

LED stud lights and LED Pavement Markers assist drivers and riders with keeping within their lane at night or low-light conditions, include fog or mist, or in road tunnels. 

  • high quality long-life battery
  • solar options
  • flashing or steady (always-on) lights
  • low-light sensor or 24/7 operation
  • different colours available.

More information about LED Stud Lights & Pavement Markers.

Skid-Resistant Pavement Markings

Using durable skid-resistant coloured recycled-glass for pavement markings reduces the likelihood that a motorcycle rider will lose traction and slide or skid on a pavement arrow or other pavement marking.

  • skid-resistant recycled-glass
  • durable colour
  • design life of 7 years
  • lower lifecycle costs

Find out more about OmniGrip CST for pavement marking.

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