OmniGrip PF Fix Potholes for Good

OmniGrip PF is a Pothole Fixing Service for repairing potholes on roads, paths and car parks using our specially formulated cold applied pothole repair system. We repair potholes in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Potholes and damaged surfaces are unsightly and a risk to your staff and customers. If not quickly and permanently fixed, unrepaired potholes are a tripping hazard, will damage vehicles and plant, and disrupt your operations time and time again.

OmniGrip PF fixes potholes and other types of surface damage, improving safety for everyone on your property and reducing your risk.


You’ve probably tried the existing products – and called them back again and again. 

So stop doing what has always let you down, and use OmniGrip PF to have your potholes and surfaces defects fixed for good.


OmniGrip PF has an extremely fast curing time, typically within 30 minutes. This allows for quick reopening of the repaired area to traffic, minimising road closures and disruption to your operations and your customers. In contrast, cold mix is quick to apply and often quick to fail, and hotmix asphalt requires more time to cure, often taking several hours or even days.


OmniGrip PF can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, including colder climates. It remains workable and can cure effectively even in low temperatures, making it suitable for year-round repairs. Asphalt, on the other hand, may have limitations in colder weather due to difficulties in proper compaction and adhesion.


OmniGrip PF is highly durable and resistant to wear, making it a long-lasting solution for pothole repairs. It provides excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and UV, which helps maintain its integrity over time. OmniGrip PF often exhibits superior performance to asphalt patches in terms of longevity.


OmniGrip PF creates a seamless and bonded repair, ensuring a strong connection with the existing road surface. This reduces the risk of future deterioration and the formation of new potholes adjacent to the repaired area. Asphalt repairs may have joints or seams that can be prone to failure over time.


OmniGrip PF is a versatile material that can be used for various road surface repairs, including potholes, cracks, delaminations, depressions and other surface defects. It can be applied to different road surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, without compromising its effectiveness. It can be used as an infill between missing pavers in footpaths. Asphalt, while versatile, is primarily used for asphalt road repairs, and for proper compaction, needs a large area, vertical sides and square edges.

OmniGrip PF – Frequently Asked Questions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly should i repair a pothole?

    As quickly as you can, to reduce your risk, reduce the cost of the repair and to increase the likelihood of success of the repair. The longer you leave a pothole, the more risk there is of damage to vehicles and people being injured. More water can enter the hole, weaking the road or path, leading to bigger and more extensive (and expensive) failures.

    is omniGRIP DIRECT’S pothole FIX different to existing cold mix repairs?

    OmniGrip PF uses a more durable repair technique than existing bituminous cold mix and hot mix asphalt products.

    How quickly does A REPAIR USING OmniGRIP PF TAKE?

    Depending on temperature and depth, using OmniGrip PF enables a pothole to be repaired in 20-30 minutes.

    Does OMNIGRIP PF WORK in unsealed (dirt) roads and car parks?

    OmniGrip PF is for use in asphalt and concrete pavements, eg roads, car parks and hardstand areas.


    Call us on 1300 961 678 or fill out the form.

    (Office hours, Monday to Friday)


    Wherever potholes are found in sealed roads;

    • Industrial sites
    • Shipping terminals
    • Distribution centres
    • Fast food drive-throughs
    • Business Parks
    • Private roads
    • Sub-divisions
    • Car parks
    • Roads
    • Streets
    • Laneways
    • Paths

    Pothole Before Repair with OmniGrip PF Pothole Repair

    Pothole After Repair with OmniGrip PF Pothole Repair

    Pavement Depressions Before Repair with OmniGrip PF Pothole Repair

    Pavement Depressions After Repair with OmniGrip PF Pothole Repair

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