OmniGrip Direct in Queensland has been awarded Coloured Surface Treatment (CST) Maintenance Packages for the Brisbane and North Coast regions.

OmniGrip Direct will use approximately 140,000kg of its premier coloured Australian recycled-glass during the maintenance works. The use of recycled 1-3mm glass as aggregate provides skid and slip resistance to vehicles and riders, particularly in wet weather.

OmniGrip Direct’s Queensland Regional Manager, Darren Riley, said, ‘We’re pleased that OmniGrip Direct’s products were chosen, showcasing sustainability and safety, and redirecting glass from landfill to useful alternatives.

With the implementation of TIPES by TMR to lift industry standards and reduce failures in Coloured Surface Treatments in its network, this is a vote of confidence in OmniGrip Direct and our products.”

OmniGrip Direct will abide by the stringent requirements of TMR specification MRTS 110 Coloured Surface Treatments with its applications, including NATA accredited testing for compliance.

As part of the contract, the first coloured surfaces will be laid within weeks, with the maintenance package to be delivered in full by December 2024.

If you want to reduce lifecycle costs, disruption and use Australian recycled materials, then please contact us for your Coloured Surface Treatment needs.