Keeping our roads safe is a top priority. At OmniGrip Direct, we’re committed to reducing road trauma. One such solution is OmniGrip HF, our high-friction surface treatment (HFST) that will significantly reduce crashes on dangerous road bends. OmniGrip HF enables you to make road bends safer overnight, for all drivers and riders.

Only last week, in a published report, a Victorian Parliamentary Committee said that the Victorian Department of Transport & Planning could “improve traction on major roads by treating dangerous road locations with high friction surface treatments to improve motorcycle traction”.

Essential IN any Road Safety Toolkit

The US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognises HFST as a critical tool in their safety toolbox. They emphasise HFST as a “first line of defense” for improving skid resistance and reducing crashes. Their website says;

“High friction surface treatments (HFST) are pavement treatments that dramatically and immediately reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities associated with friction demand issues, such as:

  • A reduction in pavement friction during wet conditions, and/or
  • A high friction demand due to vehicle speed and/or roadway geometrics.”

This aligns perfectly with OmniGrip HF’s core function: providing exceptional grip for vehicles, particularly on bends where maintaining control is crucial for all drivers and riders.

Dave Jones, technical advisor to OmniGrip Direct, said, “While crash barriers have, as a whole, delivered outstanding road benefits by reducing trauma for crashes that have occurred, crash barriers don’t prevent crashes or reduce the likelihood of a crash.” 

That’s where OmniGrip HF, and its recycled-glass equivalent, OmniGrip Hybrid HF, is so important. The application of HFST should be in the toolkit of any Road Safety Auditor looking to reduce the risk of crashes and severity of any crashes that do occur.

Many States in the USA have rolling programs installing HFST at high-risk locations. Along with linemarking and signs, HFST is about keeping drivers and riders in their lanes, on the road.

Effectiveness of HFST

The US FHWA evaluated the effectiveness of HFST by examining crashes before and after installation, at hundreds of sites. This vastly exceeds any published Australian analysis.

The FHWA published the research in 2020. It found compelling evidence of HFST’s effectiveness in reducing crashes, with high reductions in crashes on curves and ramps. For example, on curves, the application of HFST could achieve:

  • 57.0% reduction in Total crashes
  • 48.5% reduction in Injury crashes
  • 72.1% reduction in Run-Off Road crashes
  • 30.9% reduction in Head-On & Side-Swipe in Opposite-Direction crashes.

These figures highlight the real-world impact of HFST in improving safety and reducing road trauma on rural and urban road bends and curves. The report provides additional statistics about HFST’s ability to reduce crashes on freeway ramps too.

Benefits of OmniGrip HF

OmniGrip HF can typically be applied within a few hours, using high-strength thermosetting epoxy-resin to bond the special aggregate to the existing road surface. There’s no need for long and expensive designs, community engagement about restricting roadside access, or lengthy construction delays and costs.

OmniGrip HF contributes to safer bends by:

  • Increasing Grip: The textured surface of OmniGrip HF provides superior dry and wet traction for tires, allowing drivers to maintain control on curves and during braking maneuvers.
  • Reducing Stopping Distances: Vehicles can come to a stop in a shorter distance on bends treated with OmniGrip HF, minimizing the risk of rear-end collisions or collisions with objects on the roadside.
  • Improving All-Weather Performance: OmniGrip HF remains effective even in wet or icy conditions, offering year-round safety benefits on bends where weather can significantly impact driving conditions.

By implementing OmniGrip HF on road bends, road authorities can create a safer environment for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. It will also reduce impacts with roadside assets, reducing maintenance expenditure for road agencies and Councils.

The Benefits Extend Beyond Safety:

  • Fast Installation: OmniGrip HF can be applied quickly and efficiently, minimising traffic disruption.
  • Durable Performance: With recorded lifespans exceeding 18 years, OmniGrip HF offers a cost-effective solution for long-term safety improvements.
  • Recycled-Glass Option: OmniGrip HF is also available as as OmniGrip Hybrid HF, using post-consumer crushed recycled-glass, to assist with improving safety and recycling in your community. This is a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious projects and organisations reducing their emissions.

Taking Action for Safer Roads

If you’re looking for a proven way to reduce crashes on road bends, using technology evaluated by one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated road agencies, then OmniGrip HF is the answer. Contact OmniGrip Direct today to learn more about how this innovative HFST can make a difference by reducing risk and road trauma in your community.