The Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) strongly supports the use of Australian recycled-glass in major projects.

ACOR’s Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Toumbourou said “We understand that OmniGrip CST, OmniGrip ReSurface and OmniGrip Hybrid HF are road surface treatments that use recycled glass from a variety of verified Australian sources.

These products help to contribute to Australia’s uptake of recycled materials, supporting diversion from and reducing the use of natural and processed aggregates and synthetic materials.”

ACOR is the peak industry body for the resource recovery, recycling, and remanufacturing sector in Australia. Its membership is represented across the recycling value chain, and includes leading organisations in kerbside recycling, CDS operations, recovered metal, glass, plastics, paper, oil, textiles, tyre and e-product reprocessing and remanufacturing, advanced chemical recycling processes, road recycling, and construction and demolition recovery. ACOR’s mission is to lead the transition to a circular economy through the recycling supply chain.

OmniGrip Direct uses 1-3mm crushed Australian recycled-glass as a durable slip and skid-resistant aggregate its OmniGrip CST, OmniGrip ReSurface and OmniGrip Hybrid HFST surfaces.

OmniGrip Direct’s National General Manager, Justin Strunk, said “By using Australian recycled glass for our Coloured Surface Treatments, OmniGrip Direct is helping reduce the need for local and imported quarried materials and aggregates in road surfacing and commercial building projects.”

OmniGrip Direct has long used 1-3mm crushed Australian recycled-glass in OmniGrip CST and OmniGrip ReSurface. More recently OmniGrip Direct worked with Sustainability Victoria and the Australian Road Research Board (now NTRO), to design a High Friction Surface Treatment that uses post-consumer recycled-glass, a world-first.

Using OmniGrip Direct’s long-life recycled-glass surfaces enables road agencies and Councils to tackle national issues around landfill and limited supplies of aggregates, reducing microplastics in waterways, and improve safety on their roads and paths.

To find out more about using Australia recycled-glass for more durable colour and texture than short-lived paints, please Contact Us.