Authorised Suppliers Ensuring Genuine Quality Products from Trusted Contractors

In addition to OmniGrip Direct supplying and installing its own products, selected suppliers are also authorised to lay OmniGrip Direct’s products for their clients. This includes OmniGrip CST and OmniGrip HF (High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)). The network of authorised suppliers ensure that a more diverse range of clients across Australia can benefit from durable and safer surfaces.

OmniGrip Direct only supplies its raw materials to selected companies – there are no other authorised installers of genuine OmniGrip Direct products in Australia. Clients are warned that some contractors and former suppliers of OmniGrip Direct’s products continue to claim to be authorised suppliers and applicators of our products, and are using references to being an authorised supplier of OmniGrip CST and OmniGrip HF without approval.

This page is the trusted source for State Government, Local Government (Councils) and the private sector where they can verify claims by suppliers and contractors that they are an authorised supplier that has a current supply agreement in place for OmniGrip Direct’s products. This includes OmniGrip CST, OmniGrip HF, OmniGrip Deco and OmniGlaze.

To be an authorised supplier, a company must:

  • Only use genuine OmniGrip Direct raw materials
  • Be trained by OmniGrip Direct in their application
  • Have systems in place to ensure quality for clients
  • Have and maintain a good reputation within the industry and with clients
  • Remain in a good business-standing with OmniGrip Direct.

Authorisation will be removed and supply will not be guaranteed for companies that fail to meet the above requirements.


In addition to those States and Territories serviced by OmniGrip Direct, authorised suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. They should be contacted to determine their availability for work in other States and Territories.



Western Australia

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

South Australia