Rumble Strips Transverse Rumble Strips, alerting Drivers & Riders to Hazards


Transverse rumble strips (or rumble bars) are strips across lanes that create a sound and vibration for drivers and riders. The spacing may vary so that the frequency of the vibration increases unless drivers and riders slow down. The rumble strips are used to alert drivers and riders that they’re approaching a hazardous location. Crash reduction factors are reported as 28% to 36%.

OmniGrip Direct applies coloured rumble strips for increased visibility, using coloured Australian recycled-glass OmniGrip CST, or hard wearing aggregate rumble strips using OmniGrip HF.

Where to use RUMBLE STRIPS

Rumble strips are placed across traffic lanes and paths, to alert drivers, motorcycle riders, bicycle and e-Scooter riders to a hazard. Example hazards are:

  • railway level crossings
  • intersections and crossings located around bends in paths and roads
  • gateways to townships
  • gates across roads, such as entrances and exits to facilities, where drivers and riders need to stop.

The rumble strips should always be associated with a sign informing drivers and riders of the reason for the rumble strips.

Guidance on their use is available from Austroads Guide to Road Design (Part 4B), Guide to Traffic Management (Part 10) and Austroads Report AP-R449-14, Methods for reducing speeds on rural roads: compendium of good practice. Crash Reduction Factors of 28 to 36% have been reported in Elvik and Vaa’s Handbook of Road Safety Measures (2004).


How it works

By using OmniGrip CST coloured recycled-glass or OmniGrip HF, OmniGrip Direct creates rumble strips to the width and height required by the design.  As vehicles, bikes and scooters pass over the strips the texture of the series of strips causes a vibration and audible note that are felt and heard by the driver or rider. This unexpected change is designed to draw their attention to the road or path ahead and any warning signs of a hazard.

OmniGrip Direct uses long-life durable resin specifically designed to hold aggregates to road surfaces.  In ordinary use it will outlast short-lived painted applications.  


OmniGrip Direct can vary the thickness and the colour of the transverse rumble strips by using different aggregates and coloured resins.

The placement, number, thickness and width of the transverse rumble strips should be determined by an appropriate qualified engineering professional, with consideration of the needs of all the road or path users.

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PAST projects

  • Point Cook RAAF Base entrance
  • Pilgrim Street, Seddon
  • Dalmore Road, Dalmore
  • Balmoral Street, South Yarra
  • Hummell Way, Doncaster

Doncaster Yellow OmniGrip CST Rumble Strips

Doncaster Yellow OmniGrip CST Rumble Strips

Seddon OmniGrip CST rumble strips

Seddon OmniGrip CST rumble strips

Dalmore OmniGrip CST Rumble Strips

Dalmore OmniGrip CST Rumble Strips

Omnigrip RUMBLE STRIPS in action

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