Pride Flags Durable, slip-resistant, recycled-glass safety surface for Pride Flags and Rainbow Roads.

OmniGrip Direct applies Progress Pride Flags and other coloured messages to road and path surfaces, using fully-compliant durable, skid and slip-resistant crushed Australian recycled-glass.

Using 1-3mm crushed recycled-glass with a resin-binder, the resulting surface will retain its colour, be low maintenance, and importantly be slip and skid resistant to reduce risk for pedestrians, bike, scooter and motorcycle riders, and drivers. With many painted surfaces having poor durability and becoming slippery when wet, OmniGrip Direct instead uses coloured crushed glass aggregate that is compliant with State road specifications, and proven in use in bike lanes, bus lanes and on shared user paths across Australia.


When choosing a coloured surface for use in a Pride Flag on local government and State roads, several features are important to ensure the community benefits from the project, and that the Council is not burdened with ongoing costs. They include:

  • compliance with State specifications
  • contribution to State and Local targets such as Buy Local / Local Buy and Recycle First
  • availability of colours
  • durable colour for appearance
  • durable slip & skid resistance for public safety
  • ease of maintenance eg cleaning.

OmniGrip CST is available in a range of colours, matched to the AS2700 colour palette. Example Pride Flags, also known as Rainbow Roads, using OmniGrip CST are shown on this page.


How it works

OmniGrip CST is an approved surface treatment that provides texture for slip and skid resistance, and durable colour for its design life. It maintains high slip and skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

Paints and thermoplastics are specifically prohibited as Coloured Surface Treatments by road agency specifications in Victoria and New South Wales. OmniGrip CST for Progress Pride Flags and Rainbow Roads are not paint; OmniGrip CST uses Australian recycled-glass in a long-life resin binder.  Pride Flags on road and path surfaces  should be procured directly from specialist safety surfacing companies like OmniGrip Direct instead of paint and linemarking companies.


OmniGrip CST is Level 3 TIPES Certified by the Australian Road Research Board (the National Transport Research Organisation) for use as a Coloured Surface Treatment in accordance with MRTS110 in Queensland. TIPES is Australia’s toughest surface compliance regime, and achieving Level 3 compliance required the provision of data from on-road sites demonstrating it remains within specification for at least five years. This is consistent with the requirements of Victoria’s Standard Section 431 too.

OmniGrip Direct is always happy to provide NATA accredited slip and skid resistance compliance test data as part of a project – please specify this in your scope of works.


OmniGrip CST is easily maintained by pressure washing with soap and water. No solvents should be used. If the Pride Flag appears dirty or lacklustre, it will be an accumulation of dust, dirt and grime from the surrounding environment and vehicle tyres. A quick power wash will restore its vibrancy and texture.

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OmniGrip CST TIPES Level 3 Certification certificate of currency

OmniGrip CST TIPES Level 3 Certification certificate of currency

PAST projects

  • Rainbow Road – St Kilda, Melbourne
  • Progress Pride Flag – Geelong CBD

Omnigrip CST in action

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