Parking Bays Reduce Costs with Durable Colour & Slip Resistance for Parking Bays

OmniGrip Direct provides durable Australian recycled-glass slip-resistant coloured-surfaces for parking bays. Coloured parking bays define disabled parking spaces as well as parking spaces for “parents with prams”, “click & collect”, Car Share and EV Charging

Using Australian recycled-glass OmniGrip CST, instead of short-lived alternatives like paint, fits with the strong environmental message and values of many corporate building owners and asset managers seeking to reduce their emissions and deliver improvements in their environmental performance. OmniGrip Direct uses 2-3mm Australian recycled-glass with high-strength resin to provide a durable slip-resistant surface that is compliant with road agency specifications. 

Using OmniGrip CST for coloured surfaces in parking bays will deliver reduced lifecycle costs by reducing your expenditure on maintenance. You will have better slip resistance and colour retention, ensuring your facility is safer and will look better for much longer so that your customers have a good first and last impression.  

DURABLE safety surfaces for PARKING BAYS

Faded coloured surfaces quickly ruin the appearance of building or site. Parking spaces are often the first and last part of your facility that a driver sees. A faded and dirty bay, or a slip and a fall as they get into or out of their vehicle, will have a negative impact on your brand. 

OmniGrip Direct’s surface treatments are applied through car parks and on roads and traffic lanes to provide slip and skid-resistant safety surfaces with durable colour, slip resistance and visibility. OmniGrip Direct’s binders and recycled-glass aggregates are compliant with road agency specifications and approved for use on major arterial roads and local Council roads across Australia.

Painted surfaces are often slippery, increasing the risk for drivers and their passengers as they enter and exit their vehicle, and move around their vehicle. Using proven, tested, slip resistance materials reduces the risk of slips and falls in wet and dry weather. OmniGrip CST was tested by the Australian Road Research Board and CSIRO for skid-resistance at multiple locations in bike lanes on arterial roads and found to be compliant after 5 years.

Green recycled-glass OmniGrip CST surface in new EV Charging Bay

Green recycled-glass OmniGrip CST surface in new EV Charging Bay

OmniGrip CST is compliant with standards and specifications, reduces risk, last much longer than paints, and reduces lifecycle costs. Its low volatile content means there’s no strong lingering odours – important when your parking bays are in an undercover or multi-story car park and you don’t want smelly fumes to get sucked into your building air-conditioning system or to annoy users of the car park.


Using OmniGrip CST, made with Australian recycled-glass, contributes to your ESG objectives by:

  • using long-life Australian recycled glass as the slip-resistant aggregate
  • reducing the use of short-lived imported paint products
  • improving safety and reducing risk
  • using lower lifecycle cost products
  • buying Australian to support the local economy.


OmniGrip Direct’s surfaces are easily maintained, typically needing no more than a power-wash should they become dirty with mud from vehicle tyres or similar. No chemicals should be used.  If a section is damaged, contact us and we can resurface the affected section.

Red car parking bays in front of Golf Club, with people putting on a green next to the car park. Car parks are red coloured recycled-glass OmniGrip CST.

OmniGrip CST red recycled-glass in parking bays at golf club


OmniGrip CST is available in a wide range of colours to meet your branding requirements. 

We can also repair your potholes and other pavement failures while we’re on site, using our long-life pothole fixing technology, replace or reinstate your linemarking, and repair or replace any road signs.

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  • Disabled Parking Bays
  • Click ‘n’ Collect Parking Bays
  • Parents with Prams Parking Bays
  • Car Share Parking Bays
  • Public EV Charging Stations
  • Corporate EV Charging Stations
  • Private EV Charging Stations

PAST projects

  • Port of Melbourne
  • City of Greater Geelong
  • Kingston City Council

Green recycled-glass OmniGrip CST surface in new EV Charging Bay

Green recycled-glass OmniGrip CST surface in new EV Charging Bay

Australian recycled-glass in a resin binder provides exceptionally durable colour & texture for slip resistance

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