Green Bicycle Lanes Durable, skid-resistant, recycled safety surface for on & off-road green bicycle lanes

OmniGrip CST is a fully-compliant durable, skid-resistant green bicycle lane surfacing material. Made from Australian recycled-glass with a resin-binder, it is used across Australia for green bicycle lanes on busy major roads and local roads and paths. Applied in accordance with our strict application processes, it is fully-compliant with the most stringent road surface standards in each State and Territory.

  • Compliant with road agency specifications
  • Australian recycled-glass, diverting glass from landfill 
  • Skid-resistant for rider & driver safety
  • Slip-resistant for rider & pedestrian safety
  • Outlasts and out performs paint-based products!

Recycled-Glass OmniGrip CST is the first green bicycle lane surface treatment to achieve Level 3 TIPES certification in Queensland – the toughest product certification process for road surfaces in Australia!

Where to use GREEN BIcycle LANE SURFACES

Green OmniGrip CST Bike Lane on Wellington Street, Kew

Green OmniGrip CST Bike Lane on Wellington Street, Kew, by OmniGrip Direct

OmniGrip CST green bicycle lane surfaces are used where the path of vehicles, riders and/or pedestrians cross. At those locations skid resistance is important for safety so that vehicles and riders can quickly stop, and pedestrians don’t slip and fall. 

Vulnerable road users like bicycle and e-Scooter riders and pedestrians benefit from the durability of OmniGrip CST’s skid-resistance, slip-resistance and colour.

Road managers reduce the risk of crashes, injuries and fatalities by road and path users, and reduce risk for their organisations and themselves.

Examples locations for green bicycle lane surfaces include:

  • on-road bike lanes cross vehicle lanes eg turn lanes or slip lanes
  • side road intersections where bike lanes cross side roads
  • bike lanes cross busy commercial driveways such as petrol stations, fast food outlets, commercial car parks, pub and hotel car parks, and hotel porte-cochère
  • mid-block bike lanes where concrete separators cannot be provided
  • mid-block lanes where drivers incorrectly stop or park on bike lanes
  • where pedestrians walk out on to bike lanes
  • intersection of bike paths and pedestrian paths
  • extra skid and slip resistance is required, eg steeply sloping paths.

How it works

OmniGrip CST is  a green bicycle lane surface designed to provide texture for skid resistance and durable colour for its design life. It maintains high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

OmniGrip CST uses inert Australian recycled-glass aggregate in a resin binder. Using OmniGrip CST as a green bicycle lane surface diverts valuable glass from Australian landfills. The finished green bicycle lane surface comprises 75% recycled content; there’s no solvents and minimal Volatile Organic Content (VOC).

Using OmniGrip CST for green bicycle lanes and other coloured surface treatments in a project contributes to contractors meeting Victoria’s Recycled First targets for recycled content. The target applies to Victoria’s Major Road Projects Authority, Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Tunnel Project, West Gate Tunnel Project, North East Link Project and Regional Rail Revival Project.  

Paints and thermoplastics are specifically prohibited as Coloured Surface Treatments by road agency specifications in Victoria and New South Wales. OmniGrip CST for green bicycle lane surfaces is not paint; it uses Australian recycled-glass in a long-life resin binder to produce a durable skid and slip resistant recycled safety surface.  Green bicycle lane surfaces should be procured directly from specialist safety surfacing companies like OmniGrip Direct instead of longitudinal linemarking specialists like linemarking companies.


Skid resistance and sand patch texture depth testing of  OmniGrip CST bike lane surfaces

Skid resistance and sand patch texture depth testing of OmniGrip CST bike lane surfaces by ARRB & CSIRO

OmniGrip CST is Level 3 TIPES Certified by the Australian Road Research Board for use as a Coloured Surface Treatment in accordance with MRTS110 in Queensland. TIPES is Australia’s toughest surface compliance regime, and achieving Level 3 compliance required the provision of data from on-road sites demonstrating it remains within specification for at least five years. This is consistent with the requirements of Victoria’s Standard Section 431 too.

If you require independent testing for compliance in your project then please include it in your scope of works.

OmniGrip CST is available in the approved range of colours for bicycle lanes in each State and Territory, colour matched to the AS2700 colour palette. For example, Traffic Green and Emerald Green in Victoria and Emerald Green in Queensland. Other colours can be provided upon request.

Craig Eastwood, former General Manager of Cycling Victoria, said;

“Cycling Victoria endorses the use of OmniGrip’s green coloured epoxy resin surface treatment for bicycle lanes in Victoria, and opposes the continued use of green paint as a satisfactory surface treatment.”

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More solutions FOR bike rider & E-Scooter safety

OmniGrip Direct also supplies and installs Vivacity LED smart stud lights that are activated by bike riders and e-scooter riders in bicycle lanes, alerting drivers to their presence at high-risk conflict points where a green surface isn’t enough. The lights are installed in three locations in Melbourne’s central business district.

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OmniGrip CST TIPES Level 3 Certification certificate of currency

OmniGrip CST TIPES Level 3 Certification certificate of currency

PAST projects

  • Pop-up bike lanes across Melbourne, DoTP
  • Gympie Arterial Road and Strathpine Road interchange, Bald Hills, TMR
  • William Street bicycle lanes, City of Melbourne
  • Linlithgow Avenue bicycle lanes, City of Melbourne
  • Southbank Boulevard bicycle lanes, CIty of Melbourne
  • Bicycle lanes in Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Shire of Yarra Ranges & Warrnambool
  • Green bicycle lanes in new outer suburban housing developments


Disclosure: OmniGrip Direct was a sponsor of Cycling Victoria in 2019-2020.

Omnigrip CST in action

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