End-of-Trip Facilities Reducing slips & falls when accessing your facility

OmniGrip Direct provides durable and effective slip & skid resistant surface treatments for access to and from corporate end-of-trip facilities. Made from our durable coloured and high-friction surfacing system that is used for on-road applications, OmniGrip Direct’s surface treatments are well suited to reducing injuries and property damage caused by riders, pedestrians and drivers skidding or sliding on ramps, in car park aisles and on walkways.

  • Slip-resistant for bicycle riders & scooter riders
  • Skid-resistant for motorcycle rider & vehicle drivers 
  • Slip-resistant for walkers & runners
  • Outlasts and out-performs short-lived paint-based products!

OmniGrip Direct’s surfaces are durable low-maintenance surface treatments that doesn’t easily wear smooth, delivering lower lifecycle costs.

end-of-trip safety surfaces

OmniGrip Direct’s surface treatments are applied through car parks and basements to provide slip and skid-resistant safety surfaces for access to and from end-of-trip facilities.

Concrete ramps, walkways and floors can often be slippery, particularly when wet. Riders, walkers and runners entering and leaving your end-of-trip facility may fall on a slippery surface, or their route through the car park may conflict with vehicle movements.

OmniGrip Direct’s safety surfaces reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, and their durable colouring shows people your preferred route through the car park.

Importantly, for building owners and property managers, OmniGrip Direct’s surfaces are compliant with standards and specifications, reduce risk, lasting much longer than paints, and have reduced lifecycle costs. Their low volatile content means there’s no strong lingering odours to get sucked into your building air-conditioning system or to annoy users of the car park.


Using OmniGrip CST, made in Australia from Australian recycled-glass, contributes to your ESG objectives by:

  • using long-life Australian recycled materials in your building
  • improving safety and reducing risk
  • using lower lifecycle cost products
  • buying Australian to support the local economy
  • encouraging people to use lower emission active travel for commuting.


OmniGrip Direct’s surfaces are easily maintained, typically needing no more than a power-wash should they become dirty with mud from vehicle tyres or similar. No chemicals should be used.  If a section is damaged by building maintenance activities, contact us and we can resurface the affected section.


OmniGrip Direct uses OmniGrip CST, made from coloured Australian recycled-glass, not paints, for its green bike lanes and yellow walkways. We can colour our glass in a wide range of colours to meet your design requirements. It’s slip and skid-resistance, as well as its durability, will improve safety and reduce your maintenance and renewal costs.

If you prefer the look of natural aggregates, we can apply your choice of aggregate from our wide range, in place of recycled-glass.

In addition, we have our specialist OmniGrip HF high friction surface treatment that is particularly effective at increasing skid-resistance for vehicles on ramps. It is available in calcined-bauxite or a post-consumer recycled-glass blend, and is ideal for steep ramps into and out of car parks.

If your car park has restricted visibility for drivers and riders where they exit on to the street, then we can supply and install the Vivacity Car Park Pedestrian Warning System to alert pedestrians, riders and drivers to vehicles exiting your car park.

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  • end-of-trip facilities
  • basement parking
  • underground parking garages
  • multi-storey car parks
  • walkways
  • car park aisles
  • vehicle ramps
  • wet surfaces
  • concrete, asphalt, steel & timber

PAST projects

  • 530 Collins Street, Melbourne
  • 480 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
  • 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Slip resistant OmniGrip CST for end-of-trip facility in multi-story basement car park

OmniGrip Direct slip resistant surfacing around secure end-of-trip facility in basement car park

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