Anti-Slip Surfaces Durable anti-slip coating to replace short-lived anti-slip paints

Anti-slip paint reduces slips, trips and falls, indoors and outdoors. However, they often don’t last long, quickly losing their benefits and wearing and washing away.

That’s where OmniGrip CST provides a durable and low maintenance slip resistant surface coating that doesn’t easily wear smooth, retaining its slip resistance properties for many years. Even better, non-slip OmniGrip CST uses crushed Australian recycled-glass, diverting waste from landfill to improve safety for you and your people in your facility.

Step Up Safety and Sustainability with Australian Recycled-Glass Anti-Slip SURFACES

Slippery surfaces pose a significant safety hazard in commercial and industrial environments. From warehouse floors to walkways across industrial sites, preventing slips and falls is paramount. This is where anti-slip paint comes in. But with numerous options available, how do you choose the best solution for your needs?

OmniGrip CST is a revolutionary Australian-made anti-slip surface that combines superior safety performance with durability. Unlike traditional anti-slip paints that rely on sand or grit additives, OmniGrip CST harnesses the power of recycled crushed glass (RCG). This innovative approach offers a multitude of benefits for your commercial or industrial space.

Enhanced Safety with Confidence

The primary function of anti-slip paint is to prevent slips and falls. OmniGrip CST excels in this area. The unique RCG formula creates a textured non-slip surface that significantly increases the coefficient of friction (COF) – a key metric for slip resistance. This textured finish provides exceptional traction underfoot, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Furthermore, OmniGrip CST is available in a variety of grades to suit different slip risk areas. Whether you require moderate slip resistance for walkways or outdoor slip and skid-resistance where vehicles and pedestrians cross paths, OmniGrip CST offers a tailored solution for optimal safety.

Sustainable Choice for Eco-Conscious Businesses

OmniGrip CST prioritises environmental responsibility as well as you and your team’s safety. OmniGrip CST is formulated using 100% Australian-sourced 3mm RCG (or smaller in slow-speed and vehicle free environments). This not only reduces reliance on virgin materials but also diverts glass waste from landfills, contributing to a circular economy.

By choosing OmniGrip CST, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability without compromising on safety. This resonates with environmentally conscious customers and aligns with an increasing number of corporate sustainability initiatives.

Durability Built to Last

Commercial and industrial environments demand robust solutions. OmniGrip CST is formulated to withstand heavy foot traffic, heavy vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions – in fact, it used in bus lanes and bike lanes on arterial roads to keep people safe. Its superior adhesion ensures a long-lasting, high-performance finish that substantially reduces how much time you would otherwise need for frequent repainting of non-slip paints. This translates to lower maintenance costs and less disruption to your business operations.

Application Versatility for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The versatility of OmniGrip CST extends to its application. It’s suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, making it a one-stop solution for all your anti-slip needs. Whether you’re tackling slippery factory floors or external ramps, OmniGrip CST delivers exceptional performance across various environments.

Easy Maintenance for Long-Term Value

Maintaining a safe and visually appealing environment is crucial. OmniGrip CST simplifies the process. The easy-to-clean surface allows for pressure washing without compromising the anti-slip properties. This ensures long-term value and a clean, professional appearance for your commercial or industrial space.

Choosing OmniGrip CST: The Sustainable, Safe Solution

When it comes to anti-slip surfaces for your commercial or industrial space, prioritise safety and sustainability with OmniGrip CST. Its unique Australian formula delivers superior slip resistance, exceptional durability, and eco-friendly benefits.

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  • industrial walkways
  • pedestrian ramps
  • access ramps
  • basement parking
  • underground parking garages
  • multi-story car parks
  • end-of-trip facilities
  • walkway ramps
  • vehicle ramps
  • wet surfaces
  • concrete, asphalt, steel & timber

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