Anti-Skid Ramps Durable anti-skid ramp surface coating for multi-level car parks

OmniGrip HF reduces skidding and sliding on steep and slippery multi-storey and underground car park ramps. Made from the same high-friction surface material used on arterial roads and highways, it is backed by decades of science and research that prove its effectiveness in reducing skidding and sliding that leads to property damage and injury in car park crashes.

  • Skid-resistant for motorcycle rider & vehicle driver safety
  • Slip-resistant for bicycle rider & pedestrian safety
  • Outlasts and out performs paint-based products!

OmniGrip HF is a durable and low maintenance surface treatment that doesn’t easily wear smooth; it retains its skid resistance properties for many years.

Where to use OMNIGRIP HF

OmniGrip HF is applied to ramps for car parks and end-of-trip facilities to reduce skidding and sliding.  Concrete ramps can often be slippery, or wear smooth over time. Drivers and riders may have difficulty controlling their descent and braking, or spin their wheels when ascending.

Skid resistance is particularly important where ramps and tyres are wet from rain or water run-off. Wet tyres can carry water through multiple levels of car parks, extending the safety issue well beyond the first ramp.  Drivers, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, e-Scooter riders and pedestrians are all at risk if they slip on a wet concrete ramp in a car park.

With end-of-trip facilities often being located within or connected to multi-storey car parks, bike riders are particularly vulnerable on wet concrete ramps.  OmniGrip HF can be used at key locations in the car park to reduce the likelihood of riders falling into the path of a passing vehicle or on to a parked vehicle.

How it works

OmniGrip HF works from a combination of the microtexture and macrotexture of the surface, providing better adhesion for rubber-tyres. The calcined-bauxite is bonded to the concrete substrate by an extremely strong two-part thermosetting epoxy binder. With low volatiles, application of our resin doesn’t create the over-powering odours and stench of other binders, which can create risks if sucked into building ventilation systems.


Data collected by the Australian Road Research Board and CSIRO found that that OmniGrip HF maintained its adhesion and skid-resistance properties for 18 years on major multi-lane arterial roads in suburban Melbourne.

OmniGrip HF is easily maintained, typically needing no more than a power-wash should it become dirty with mud from vehicle tyres or similar. No chemicals should be used.  If a section is damaged by building maintenance activities, contact us and we can grind out and resurface the affected section.


OmniGrip HF is available as 100% calcined bauxite OR a blend of materials that included 60% post-consumer recycled-glass. Different grades are available.

OmniGrip Direct’s calcined-bauxite surface has been rigorously tested for use on public roads and highways for nearly 20 years.

If you have a green-building or environmental targets to meet, then our glass-blend surface that incorporates post-consumer recycled-glass will be of interest to you.

Coloured walkways and paths can also be provided through car parks.  Using OmniGrip CST, the surface has higher friction than concrete and better durability and skid and slip resistance than painted surfaces, improving skid and slip resistance for pedestrian and bicycle riders. It is made from coloured Australian recycled-glass, diverted from landfills and is ideal for coloured walkways and paths through car parks and for access to and from end-of-trip facilities.

If your car park has restricted visibility for drivers and riders where they exit on to the street, then we can supply and install the Vivacity Car Park Pedestrian Warning System to alert pedestrians, riders and drivers to vehicles exiting your car park.

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OmniGrip Direct are high friction surface treatment specialists. Call our team on 1300 961 678 or email us using our contact form.


  • basement parking
  • underground parking garages
  • multi-storey car parks
  • end-of-trip facilities
  • walkway ramps
  • vehicle ramps
  • wet surfaces
  • concrete, asphalt, steel & timber

PAST projects

OmniGrip HF Surfaces

  • Creo Libera, Malvern
  • Australis Facilities Management, Melbourne

Coloured Higher Friction Surfaces

  • 480 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
  • 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
OmniGrip HF on car park ramp to reduce skidding and sliding crashes.

OmniGrip HF on car park ramp to reduce skidding and sliding crashes.

OmniGrip HF skid and slip resistant ramp in multi-storey car park

Omnigrip HF in action

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