OmniGrip Direct has over 23-years’ experience in the Australian market developing and applying specialist resin safety surfaces using coloured recycled-glass, natural aggregates and calcined bauxite. OmniGrip Direct diverts glass from landfill, helping Councils and State Governments address climate change, reduce their lifecycle costs and improve community safety. OmniGrip Direct’s products are real and ready for installation, for immediate results.  

OmniGrip Direct combines the operations of the established brands Omnicrete and Safe-T-Surfaces, and is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, along with Smarterlite and Vivacity.

On high-risk roads and in crash black-spots, OmniGrip Direct’s safety surfaces and innovative road safety infrastructure improve safety, reduce crashes, reduce stress and injuries and save lives using surfacing, lighting and wayfinding solutions from Polar Enviro group.

OmniGrip Direct is proud to be the largest safety surfaces company in Australia that uses recycled-glass diverted from landfill for safety and placemaking.

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